Tambayan 101

Hi guys! Haha. How long has it been since my last post? Around 10minutes? 🙂 Haha. This is a little deviation to what I usually post. It’s got nothing to do about games (well, a little I guess) but I’d still want to share this awesome hang-out I went to last last week.  2

The place is called TAMBAYAN 101, located along Don Isidro street near Vito Cruz. The place is really good. What I like most about this place is their really good eats! Their nachos are really majestic. Haha. To hell with those people who are complaining about too much servings. Anyways, if you’re a student near the area and always getting problems where to stay during long breaks, you can definintely check out this crib.


Their restau area is a little crowded for groups of people. I suggest you go visit their rooms upstairs. It is packed with different themes and whatnots. Their rental fee is also affordable! They also offer free movies when you rent a room. You can also ask them to deliver your food in the room while watching! They also offer a game room (e-games and beer pong). The rate for the game room is a little different from the other rooms.

The rest of the post is all pictures of what we ate. Haha! Make sure to visit DEARCHUBBY for more of these awesome pics. She also has a review of the place so go click subscribe and like on her page as well! 😀

3 4 5 6

Do check it out guys! It’s a really good place to hang out. X-marks the spot! 😉



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